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Product of genuine love – deliciously rewarded!

For me, there are few foods which can compete with the pleasure and satisfaction of enjoying a great plate of pasta.  It is difficult to imagine surviving without it!

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How Nonna Fed the Family from the Pantry

With schools, businesses and restaurants closed down, cooking at home for the family is more important than ever. It can feel pretty stressful having to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner day after day for everybody! In the wake of these uncertain times, most families are looking to save time and energy in the kitchen. Right […]

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How to create the ultimate antipasto platter

Creating a cheese and charcuterie board is easy and quick.  While there isn’t necessarily such a thing as “wrong” when it comes to the choice of ingredients, there are a few pairing guidelines that will ensure flavours complement rather than compete with each other. The golden rule to follow is SIMPLICITY.  Select and showcase a […]

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Introducing some Ontario artisan cheeses made with love!

Cheese is simply exquisite! We’re really big fans of cheese! There’s no meal in our household that isn’t made better by a little of it. It really goes without saying that Ontario cheesemakers make some pretty good quality cheeses. In our day and age, filled with rushed consumables and mass produced goods, I invite you […]

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The At-Home Gourmet – charcuterie 101 and recipe

It’s difficult, but don’t you just feel better when you dress up, even if it’s just to go to your home office? Well, the same should apply to your food! Dress up at-home lunches, dinners and snacks with fine cheeses and charcuterie. It’s a great way to elevate home dining and also support artisan charcuteries […]

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Eggs, Chocolate and Paschal Lamb – Memories of Easter Tradition and Folklore

The joyous ringing of the campanile’s bells announces the end of the silence of La Settimana Santa, Holy Week.  Chirping swallows, symbol of the most beautiful season of the year, circle the town’s piazza.  The hills have reached their summit of green and blossoms adorn the vines, olive and fruit trees.  This signals farewell to […]

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Meatballs – my family’s tradition

The scent of a pot of bubbling tomato sauce with meatballs slowly simmering on the kitchen stove evoke childhood memories. Peering from beneath the small rectangle table in Nonna Maria’s kitchen, I could still hear the vivacious exchange of the best meatball recipe.

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Maple Syrup – Perfectly Natural

As Canadians we have a very good reason to salute our national emblem: Canada produces 85 % of the world’s supply of maple syrup. Maple syrup producers, like all food producers, have an obligation to make and sell maple syrup that is both safe and of the highest quality. Maple syrup production is an important […]

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All About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a hot culinary topic these days, although many people are still quite confused about what makes a great olive oil and how to choose it. Verdicchio’s extra virgin oil features all the required characteristics.

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Grilled Porcini with Vincotto

Vincotto can elevate the flavour of so many dishes. It tastes absolutely wonderful with grilled porcini. Try it for yourself and surprise your guests with this delectable treat.

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